vendredi 31 octobre 2008

Mandingo Ambassadors: live in New York

Concert in Brooklyn , barbes club (!) of the formation of the guitarist Mamady Kouyate having played for a long time with the bembeya jazz .he continues to enforce the mandingue Guinean style in New York with his new band:
mandingo ambassador. note the excellent singer Ismael Kouyate, he naturally follows his parents Mama Diabate and Kemo Kouyate.

mandingo ambassado are :

Ismael Kouyate : voice
Mamady Kouyate : guit solo
Mamady Kourouma : guit acc
Oron Etkin : tenor sax
Sylvain Leroux : alto flute
Nicholas Cudahy : bass
Andy Algtre : drums

dimanche 12 octobre 2008

Djaje Traore : le monde a changé

Djaje Traore, young brother of Adama Yalomba, is guitarist for Amadou and Mariam on their African show, he is also the guitarist solo of the band Farty. you can see him playing every week at the "cafe des arts" of Bamako, just behind the "palais de la culture". Here he sings bambara and French language : the world has changed. you'll get new tracks soon...

samedi 4 octobre 2008

Yakhouba Sissokho et Kande Dioubate: live in Paris

Yakhouba Sissokho (Gambie) et Kande Dioubate (Guinée) à l'Olympic café , Paris.
ils jouent le titre "baia"

Kande Dioubate (vox)
Yakhouba Sissokho (kora)
Ahmed Sylla (drums)
Sekou Dioubate (bass)
Cheick Ouza (keyboard) .